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Application to join the Finnish Startup Community

What is the Finnish Startup Community?

Finnish Startup Community was founded to advance the operational environment for startups in Finland. In short, our goal is to identify and complete critical pragmatic initiatives for startups and scaleups. As a think-tank, we also look forward to generate discussion on the importance of tech startups in the society.

What does the Finnish Startup Community do?

Community’s purpose is to make Finland the most attractive place to found and grow startups, and to work in one. It pulls the local ecosystem and companies together. Our most important goals are:

👉 Create positive pressure to change the operating environment for startups
👉 Drive pragmatic startup initiatives that benefit the entire society
👉 Educate society to understand the impact of startups
👉 Create commitment to global growth entrepreneurship.

In addition to its societal agenda, Finnish Startup Community will act as the hub for targeted peer-support and networking.

How does this all work?

Finnish Startup Community is a registered association. The work is funded by membership fees.

FSC has an Operational Team that consists of the CEO and 3 team members to generate public discussion, conduct needed analyses and organize events. In addition, it will use outside experts in e.g. advancing legislative projects.

Companies are qualified to join us based on their stage and growth or by track record as investors. Each member will pay an annual membership fee based on their size and stage, and hold a corresponding number of votes.

Finnish Startup Community has a Board. The Board consists of the member representatives selected by the Members and possibly 1-2 invited experts. The board members are broadly committed to advance the organization’s goals. Current board members include Timo Ahopelto (Lifeline Ventures, COB), Ilkka Paananen (Supercell), Suvi Haimi (Sulapac), Ilkka Kivimäki (, Miki Kuusi (Wolt) and Anna-Maria Henell (Disior).
Membership criteria and Membership fees

The Finnish Startup Community accepts ambitious startups and growth companies as members. FSC also accepts active early-stage funds as investor members. You can find our Community rules here.

Membership requires the payment of the Community Membership fee

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The Membership requires payment of the annual Membership Fee.
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The Finnish Startup community may use and store your personal information for member communications. The Finnish Startup community will not store your personal information for longer than necessary

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